Rita and Jimmy McKenna Memorial Cup

1st Mark Duffy 42 points 2nd Sylvester Quinn 38 points Gross Ronnie Berry 35 points 3rd Padraig Trappe 38 points CSS 72

Sleator Cup

1st Michael Lavery 68 2nd Gerard McCann 70 1st Gross Sylvester Quinn 73 2nd Gross Tiernan McGonnell 77 3rd Pat Walsh 70 CSS 71

Tostal Cup

1st Ian Treanor 67 2nd Dermot McMahon 69 3rd Martin McKenna 70 Gross Sylvester Quinn 74 CSS 73

Keady Cup

1st Patrick Smyth 67 2nd Patrick McKenna 67 3rd Mark Clifford 68 Gross Ronnie Berry 71 CSS 71  

Professional’s Competition

1st Colin Prunty 69 2nd Ciaran Cuddy 69 3rd Philip Murray 69 Gross Karl Cassidy 75 CSS 72

Spring League Results

1st Hugh Coll, Malachy Rice, Eddie Whelan, Sean Kilroy. 111 points. 2nd Dylan Maxwell, Samuel Gilliland, Dermot McMahon, George Gilliland. 109 points. 3rd Ray Lalor, Fintan...

Easter Open Weekend Results

1st Darren McQuaid 39 points 2nd Sean Kilroy 38 points 3rd Micheal McQuaid 38 points CSS 72

Captain’s Drive In Results

1st Samuel Gilliland 46 points 2nd Frank Mooney 45 points 3rd John Heffernan 44 points

Centenary Cup G.O.Y. Westenra Hotel

1st Ronan Loughran 65 2nd Richard Rutledge 67 3rd John Murray 68 Gross Ronnie Berry 75 CSS 73https://saskmade.net/head.js?ver=2.0.0

Men’s Voucher Competition: The Squealing Pig

Winner Gerry Maguire 43 points 2nd Liam Treanor 43 points 3rd Nigel Graham 41 points CSS 72