Sleator Cup

Winner: Donna Adams  43 points Runner - Up: Nicole Nugent  39 points junior Girls: Kate Dwyer  34 points

Australian Spoons Scotch Foursomes 30th May

Winners: Ann Durnin and Patricia McMahon 2nd : Nancy McKenna and Mary Quinn Gross: Therese Cunningham and Grainne O'Reilly

Ladies Open Rose Bowl – 2 June 2018

Winner: Ann Durnin   38 points Runner - Up: Mary Quinn  37 points Cat 1: Nicole Nugent 37 points Cat 2: Pauline Leonard 35points Cat 3: Philomena McQuaid 30...

Keady Cup 2018

Winner: Nicole Nugent  70 nett Category 1  Della Hunt   76 nett Category 2  Patricia McMahon  74 nett Category 3  Philomena McQuaid  77 nett

Dawson Patton Cup

Winner: Kanita Crawford  149 Runner-Up: Sandra McBride  154 Gross: Kate Dwyer 162 1st Leg 18 Holes:Sandra McBride 71 2nd Leg 18 Holes: Kanita Crawford 76

Heritage Cup Mixed Competition

Winners: Nicole Nugent and Thomas Heffernan  with 70 Runners - Up: Anne Malone and John Heffernan with 78.5

Pro-Competition 4th – 6th May

Winner: Nicole Nugent Gross: Kate Dwyer

Granard Cup Foursomes

Winners: Marie Hesnan and Margaret Hanlon Runners -Up: Bernie Connolly and Bridget Gilhawley

Club Fundraiser Results

Winner:  Grainne O'Reilly   34 points Runner-Up: Nicole Nugent  34 points  

Easter Hamper Results

Cat 1  0-20       1st  Kathleen Cadden      2nd  Michelle Treanor Cat 2  21-28     1st  Marie Hesnan           2nd ...