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Jimmy and Rita McKenna Cup

1st. Jim Egan------------------43pts 2nd. Tristan Murphy.----------42pts 1st gross, Ronnie Berry. ------31pts 3rd. Paddy McGuinness-------42pts 4th. Conor McCaughey----------41pts 5th. Ricky Cannon. --------------41pts 2nd Gross.Pat Walsh------------28pts 6th. Brendan Casey.-------------40pts

Golfer of the year

GOLFER OF THE YEAR UPDATED LIST AFTER CAPTAINS PRIZE   Alan Smyth 26 Shane Scott 24 Brendan Casey 21 Darren McQuaid 20 Paul Treanor 18 Martin McKenna 16 Paddy Murray 16 Jim Slevin 16 Kevin Friel 15 Brendan McCabe 14 Gregory Morgan 14 Gregory Ronaghan 14 Neill McGinn 14 John Knox 12 Dylan McKenna 12 James...

Captain’s Prize 2022

Winner:        Shane Scott----167 2nd Brendan Casey-----------------169 3rd Paul Treanor---------------------171 1st Gross--------------- Ronnie Berry 152 2nd Gross---------------Rory Sleator.  157 4th Kevin Friel----------------------------173.5 5th James Corrigan--------------------------174 6th Dick Clerkin-------------------------------176 • COMMITTEE Patrick O’Hanlon • PAST CAPTAIN’s John...

Albert Berry Open Singles

Albert Berry Singles 17/07/22   1st. Thomas McAnallen.                                    40pts   2nd....

Open Competition Friday 15th July

Sofa21 Singles Stroke 15/07/22 Winner: Kevin McCusker (Clones)       65Nett   2nd Brendan McCabe                      ...